Practice Areas

The firm’s focus is in the area of criminal law and procedure. Drawing on its accumulated professional knowledge and experience, the firm is specialised in the fields of special corporate legislation and professional regulations, with particular regard to the areas of corporate and bankruptcy law, tax law, environmental law, occupational safety, industrial and intellectual property and medical liability. In the judicial field, the firm’s practice covers the entire criminal proceedings, focusing, together with the client right from the investigative stage, on defining the appropriate courses of action and their subsequent development in court, as well as in the resolution of crisis situations related to precautionary proceedings.
The firm also provides assistance in protecting the injured party and the victim of a crime, both in the initial phase of the proceedings (filing of complaints and lawsuits) and in the trial stage through claims for damages filed joining the civil action.  In the non-judicial area, the firm also provides its advice in drafting interpretative opinions of the specialist criminal regulation and provides support for developing organisational and management models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.